Street Light Maintenance Request

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Street light maintenance request


Thank you for contacting us to report a malfunctioning street light. The information you submit will be sent as a work order to the appropriate utility company (Cass County Electric or Xcel Energy). These companies provide the maintenance for all street lights owned or leased by the city of Fargo.


Please note that this page is for reporting problems with street lights only; problems with traffic signals should be reported to the city’s Traffic Engineering Department at (701) 241-1545 or


Please complete the form below to report a malfunctioning street light, or call  (701) 476-6659 to leave a voicemail report.


Location of malfunctioning street light:
(please provide street address or nearest intersection)

The light I am reporting:

Never works    Cycles on/off    Never shuts off

Please allow several working days for maintenance by the utility company.


Repairs that require additional maintenance such as replacement of underground wiring will be directed back to the City of Fargo for prioritized repairs.


If you would like us to follow-up with you on the repair of the light, please provide the following information:




Daytime phone:

E-mail address: