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The City of Fargo offers a number of brochures and other publications that provide information about its services. The publications listed on this page are available for immediate printing and/or can be ordered by mail if you complete the online publications order form below.

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2011 Annual Report of Fargo Cass Public Health Provides an overview of activities conducted in 2011 Health Health
Are You Prepared? Guide that prepares area residents for a variety of emergencies and explains how to build an emergency kit Emergency management Emergency
Attached Garages and Additions Standards for projects, including location, lot coverage, side/rear yard and permits Inspections Housing
Bail Schedule Lists violations of Fargo City ordinances and the bond amounts associated with them Municipal Court Ordinances
Bike and Bus: Metropolitan Area Transit Bikers can put their bikes on a bus bike rack while traveling around town; this brochure explains how this system works. Transit Public transportation
Borrowing Basics: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You How to protect yourself from dishonest lending practices; selecting the best loan and borrowing the right amount Planning Housing
Break Away from Nicotine Explains program to help you quit using nicotine; offered on a sliding-fee scale Health Health
Bright Lights on the Prairie: Fargo's Colorful Past Offers photos and interesting facts about Fargo's history Planning Fargo history
Citizen Complaint Process, Fargo Police Gives overview of filing a complaint, how complaints are investigated and possible outcomes Police Safety
Composting in Your Backyard Explains how to compost and offers problem-solving tips Solid Waste Recycling
Detached Garage and Accessory Buildings Requirements to consider when planning your project, including location, height and foundations Inspections Housing
Egress Windows for Single-Family Dwellings Explains requirements for emergency escape and rescue openings Inspections Housing
Electronics: Obsolete Equipment What to do with your old computer, tv, etc. Solid Waste Recycling
Emergency Preparedness Checklist Covers phone numbers, escape routes and other things to consider before an emergency occurs FEMA (federal govt.) Emergency
Family Disaster Supplies Kit Details what supplies you should have on hand before disaster strikes FEMA (federal govt.) Emergency
Fargo bus route map Route map for Fargo year-round bus schedules. Transit Public transportation
Finishing Your Basement or Lower Level Overview of specs to keep in mind and codes that apply Inspections Housing
Garbage and recycling guide A detailed overview of garbage collection, recycling opportunities and household hazardous waste disposal Solid Waste Garbage
How to Ride Guide How to ride the MAT bus system Transit Public transportation
Leashes, licenses and more Basics about pets, including leash law, licensing information, what to do about stray animals and problem barking Police (No category)
Look Around Downtown Booklet offering self-guided walking tours of downtown Fargo; includes 57 buildings; download is 3mb Planning Historic preservation
MAT Paratransit Transportation for Persons With Disabilities Transit Public transportation
Moorhead bus route schedule Includes route map for Moorhead year-round bus schedules. Transit Public transportation
NDSU MATBUS Guide MATBUS Guide for NDSU students, faculty and staff. Transit Public transportation
Opening the Door to a Home of Your Own This step-by-step guide explains the home-buying process, including how to finance a home and how the mortgage process works. Fannie Mae Foundation Housing
Pandemic Planning A Guide for Businesses Health Health
Patio Decks Outlines requirements for deck construction, including permits, stairways and handrails Inspections Housing
Phone and e-mail directory Lists city departments, their functions and their phone numbers and e-mail addresses (Non-departmental) (No category)
Protecting property: City of Fargo Sump Pump Program Offers guidelines for discharging your pump, information on waivers and enforcement Sump Pump Housing
Recycling Grass Clippings Examines "grasscycling", lawn care and mulching State of North Dakota Recycling
Rental Housing Inspections, City of Fargo Answers frequently asked questions, including how inspections are conducted and what to do if you have a housing compaint Inspections Housing
Scooter rules How a city ordinance applies to the use of motorized scooters in Fargo Police Safety
Seasonal Flu: What You Need to Know Signs, symptoms and ways to protect yourself from influenza Health Health
Shelter In Place Explains what to do during a chemical emergency and how to plan ahead for one Fire Emergency
Single-Family Residential Construction Guide Outlines requirements such as ventilation, minimum room areas, ceiling heights and garages Inspections Business
Sump Pump Success! Guide to Sump Pump Use and Regulations Wastewater Treatment Plant Water quality
The Flu: A Guide for Parents Signs, symptoms and ways to protect your family from influenza Health Health
Xeriscape: discover the beauty Learn more about this water-conserving form of landscaping Forestry Landscaping
Youth Tobacco Prevention Program Free community and school resources Health Tobacco

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